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Cassy Akouri Art

ESSENTIALS PACK Master Gouache Painting Course

ESSENTIALS PACK Master Gouache Painting Course

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In this digital download, you will learn the essentials to painting! These skills can be applied to a variety of painting and drawing media, not just gouache. This *essentials pack* provides you with a course on color theory and a printable pdf to use along with me, a walkthrough painting where i share my tips and tricks as I paint, a 50 pack of reference photos that I have photographed myself, and a PDF prompt journal to help you be creative every day for the next 30 days.

There's so much to learn and discover from this course! 



- 50+ Pack of Photo References (zip folder of jpegs)

- Printable Color Mixing Sheet (PDF, used in Color Theory Video)

- 30 Days of Prompts to get your creativity flowing (PDF)

- Color Theory (video)

- Paint with Me, A Walkthrough Painting (video)

Take advantage of this $73 value pack for just $47 today!

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